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About Us

Jajaabor, in Assamese means “nomad” and as the name suggests, we bring in inspirations from our travels into apparels, tailor made for the contemporary Indian.

They say music has no language and love has no reason. We say fashion has no borders. Jajaabor is a state of mind that traverses freely across the landscapes of imagination, embarking on new journeys which are unrestrained by divisive human constructs. It is a nomadic spirit that soaks up a piece of story from every facet of life and from every place in this world. Jajaabor is a design initiative that seeks to capture and celebrate this freewheeling essence that lies within each of us; and transmute experiences into stories by employing a traditional and classic approach that is close to the roots from where we come from, yet drawing from diverse sources for the unbridled soul to breathe free and set sail in a vast and disparate world.

Like a true Jajaabor, we don't belong anywhere. We are everywhere.

Jajaabor is for customers who believe in thoughtful acquisitions.

Every individual has their own personal style. Every individual has their own perspective to beauty. We believe in that and our effort is to amplify that belief into making thoughtful clothes that our clients would cherish. Our endeavor is to explore our rich culture and understand how it reciprocates to a global platform. The world is our canvas, rich with stories and with our culture and heritage, we paint these stories.

Jajaabor is fun and quirky.

As kids, we all remember the joy of school being called off on a rainy day. We found happiness in such unexpected little things! At Jajaabor, we enjoy these hidden treasures. Our constant effort is to spread happiness amongst our clients with unexpected pops of quirk, witty details and a dash of whimsy that draws a smile on their face.

Simple. Timeless. Relaxed. Elegant.

We design our clothes with lots of love and care.  Our story began during our journeys to different parts of the world. It was not only the diversity of cultures or the travel stories that conceived Jajaabor but also an idea to create clothes more suitable for travels. Today, the world has become a global village and we blend elements from our heritage with timeless and relaxed silhouettes, natural fabrics, colours and stories from the world around us.